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  • Dry Herb Vaporizer Pens

    These pen vaporizers are specially designed to work with dry herbs. They are considered second generation vaporizer pens as the original design of many of them was for waxes and concentrates only. Dry Herb Vaporizer Pens are quickly overtaking the market and becoming the most popular type of vaporizer pen. We've take our time and would like the opportunity to show you the best of the best of the dry herb vaporizer pens on the market.

  • Pinnacle Pro

    The Pinnacle Pro just maybe shouldn't be classified as a vaporizer pen, because it's just slightly larger than most pens, and it even comes with a water tool , essentially a water bong attachment custom designed for the Pinnacle Pro. When this water tool is included it becomes the Pinnacle Pro DLX. Here's the thing, it's not cheap. The water tool is $105.99, but when you buy them both together we knock about $20 off the price. However, if you want a vaporizer you can ft in your pocket, and has superior battery life and has an extra large herbal chamber.

    At 5 inches long and 1 inch wide, it is again, slightly larger that a standard pen, but packs a lot more punch than most vape pens, and truth be told when the water tool is attached it is a cool experience that you can't get with any other vaporizer on the market.

    Find out more about the Pinnacle Pro here: Pinnacle Pro.

  • G Pen Herbal

    It hard to argue with anything that comes from Grenco Science, as they have a hard earned reputation for making high quality vaporizers, and they specialize in pens. The G Pen Herbal is one of the most popular vaporizer pens on the market, and is easily one of our favorites. While the G series has several different but similar vaporizer pens, the Herbal is specifically for dry herbs and has great battery life and a powerful level of vapor volume when configured correctly (read our Vaporizer Pen Buying Guide for details.)

    Find out more about the Herbal G Vaporizer Pen from G Pen Herbal.

  • Atmos Rx

    For dry herbs, the Atmos RX is one of the most popular and the most counterfeited vaporizer pens on the market. However, even though it has been copied and counterfeited in looks, the true vaporization process is ONLY found in the Atmos RX - NOT the Ago A5 currently being sold on Ebay and Rakuten as the real Atmos RX.

    The Atmos RX is simple, and is preprogrammed from the factory to take your dried fower to the sweet spot of 395 degrees within 15 seconds. Pure vapor, no smoke - and that's the difference between the real Atmos RX and the Chinese knock-offs. It's sleek, easy to use and simple. The microchip that is programmed by the factory to hit just the right temperature does all the work.

    Find out more about the Atmox Rx here: Atmos Rx.


  • Wax Vaporizer Pens

    These wax vaporizer pens are unique in the fact that are made exclusively for vaporizing essential waxes. They are smaller, sleeker, less expensive, and also enjoy a generally longer battery life than other vaporizer pens that are designed to work with other substances, like dry herbs or oil concentrates. While there are some pens that work with both oils and waxes, we have chosen to highly a few vaporizer pens that are exceptional with wax.

  • Trippy Stix

    This is a sturdiest of all the wax pens we used. It has a strong metal casing for the chamber and is deeper than most wax chambers. It's also inexpensive and lasts a long time - this is a very durable and easy to use wax vaporizer pen. Overall, pound for pound, this is our favorite wax pen.

    The Trippy Stix vaporizer is currently in it's second generation. The Trippy Stix 2.0 has made several improvments to an already strong contender for best wax vaporizer pen. As programmed to get to the sweet vaporization heat sweet spot within seconds, this is an extremely reliable vape pen that doesn't fail.

    Find out more about the Trppy Stix Vaporizer Pen here: Trippy Stix.

  • Cloud Platinum Pen

    The price is right for this vaporizer pen, at $59.99 for the standard version, and $79.99 for the upgraded platinum edition that were review here. Even at twice the price, we would still love this pen.  The reasons are simple: it's small, looks cool, and has GREAT battery life. It is only made for waxes or "dabs". If you want a wax-only pen, this is a solid choice.

    Find out more about the Cloud Platinum Vaporier Pen from Cloud Platinum Pen.

  • Micro G Pen

    We admit it, we're a little partial to the G line of vaporizer pens, and when it comes to waxes we absolutely love the Micro G Pen. Grenco Science, the makers of the G series, really puts a lot of work into the look and feel and the vaporizing execution of their products. The battery for the Micro G was designed specifically for the Micro G, and uses Lithium Ion technology to deliver a perfect vape from your wax, everytime.

    Find out more about the Micro G Pen here: Micro G Pen.

  • Oil Vaporizer Pens

    There are two different "types" of concentrates based on viscosity. When we say concentrate, we are specifically talking about the liquids that flow like liquids, regardless of how they are produced. With the waxes and dabs, we are still discussing a concentrate, but we will be further specific by calling it a wax. "Dabs" are also another commonly used term to describe a waxy concentrate. There are different ways to create waxes, essential oils, etc, but there is a very specific type of vaporizer to use them.

  • Delta 9 Persei

    We LOVE this vape pen! If you want to use oils this is the granddaddy king-kong of all essential oil vaporizer pens. There is so much in the box when you open it up initially, we were blown away and a little confused. After a few minutes of "experimentation" with the Persei, we were in love. This bad boy comes with 3 rechargeable Trust Fire batteries, 1 big and two small. You can even adjust the battery compartment to fit the different configuration of batteries. That's not the only thing you can custom configure on this unit. You also have the choice of if you want to go single-barrel or double-barrel! That means if you want, you can have 2 oil canisters vaporizing at once. This will never leave you hanging no matter how many people you are sharing it with. While not the most discrete oil vaporizer pen, its battery life, ease of use, and flat out versatility makes it our top pick by a mile.

    Find out more about the Persei Vaporizer Pen here: Delta 9 Persei.

  • Microvaped V2

    Discretion is fairly easy with most vaporizer pens, but with essential oil vaporizer pens, they tend to be larger when fully assembled than you might expect, and are quite a bit lager than dry herb/flower pen vaporizers - translation: they are not the most discrete of vaporizer pens. However, when it comes to the Micro Vaped Glass Globe, discretion and a monumental cool faster are seriously on display. The unit itself is small, and rather than a super thin and long oil chamber like most oil pens, the Micro Vaped has an onion shaped glass globe that holds your oil. It vapes quickly and the battery life is more than satisfactory. If you are a novice oil vaporizer user, this will serve you well for a long time and is a unit that has both form and function.

    Find out more about the Microvaped V2 Vaporizer Pen from Microvaped V2.

  • 710 Pen Kit

    The 710 Pen Kit is one of, if not the most underestimated vaporizer on the market. This unit is awesome...it has the discretion and the functionality of a dry herb pen, with the performance one expects from an essential oil vaporizer. We noticed when we first unveiled our 710 out of the box that the packaging even spells out "OIL" upside down. The design is even more clever, and included 2 cartridges for your oil that are easily installed. The battery will last for a couple of hours, allowing you to refill your tanks a couple times on a single charge. While a little more money than the Micro Vaped Glass Globe, and not as a cool design - we are still extremely impressed with this oil pen vaporizer.

    Find out more about the 710 Pen here: 710 Pen Vaporizer.

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