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  • Vaporizer Pen:These pens are becoming very popular and we have the widest selection of Vaporizer Pens for Oils, Concentrates, and dry Herbs at the lowest price available online. Having a Vaporizer Pen at the ready is quickly becoming the first choice for vaporizer pen as well as standard desktop vaporizer style enthusiasts around the world. These brilliant devices offer a plethora of aromatherapy benefits without reducing the experience for the end user.

    Although they come in many different styles, the three distinctions between vaporizer pens is what type of substance they vaporize best. There are couple of different ways of delivering heat to to point of vaporization, but not combustion.They are convection and conduction - the difference being if the heating element touches the substance directly or instead uses air heated inside glass by the heating element to cause vaporization. It's this elemental difference in vaporization approaches that results in the three different "types" of vaporizer pens on the market today. The three different types of vaporizer pens are for dry herbs, for waxes and for oils.

    Most Vaporizer pens that work with waxes will also work with essential oil concentrates, but not always. Rather than spell out the details in a super-scientific way (we can if you'd like - just drop us your question in our contact section) but we'd rather break down the differences of each type of pen vaporizer and point out a key example of each type:

    The key question to ask is: What exactly DO you want from your next vaporizer pen?

    • Dry herb vape pens are just now starting to become popular, somewhat after their oil and wax cousins. The vaporizer pens have been retoold and specially designed to work with dry herbs and flowers to resist combustion and deliver a powerful vape with ease.

      Top Dry Herb Vaporizer Pens:

      Pianncle Pro | G Pen Herbal Vaporizer | Atmos Rx

    • Just as essential oil concetrates have become very popular in the vaporizer community, so have the discret vaporizer pens that are specially built to vaporizer the oils. While not as small as the ones built for waxes or dry herbs, they are still discrete and offer a tremendous vaporizing experience to the user.

      Top Oil Vaporizer Pens:

      Deta 9 Persei | Microvaped V2 | 710 Pen Kit

    • Vaporizer Pens that deal exclusively with waxes are typically smaller than the essential oil pen vaporizers, and usually cost less. Because of the small amount of susbstance being vaporizered, the battery life is usually longer and they have more compact deisngs.

      Top Wax Vaporizer Pens:

      Trippy Stix | Cloud Platinum Pen | Micro G Pen

    • There are some vaporizer pens that can do all three, waxes, oils, and dry herbs. While being a little more expensive than their standalone counterparts, these vaporizer pens are wildly popular as they give you the freedom to eperiment with different vaping styles easily.

      Top 3 in 1 Vaporizer Pens:

      Viva La Vape Patriot | Vaporite Budy Pen | G Pen With Herbal Tank

    Find out more about Vaporizer Pens from Vaporizer Pens.

  • Portable Vaporizers

    Portable Vaporizer are bigger than a vaporizer pen, but usually offer massive heating chambers and more powerful batteries. They are often used at home and at parties in place of full sized desktop vaporizers. They are generally more expensive than their vaporizer pen counterpart, but offer way more in terms of digital temperature control and overall vapor volume as compared to the average vaporizer pen. Some portable vaporizers like the Palm 2.0 and Magic Flight Launch Box do not offer digial temperature control, but they are also cleverly designed enough to be able to held in your hand and easly concealed in your pocket. Mix this with a more-than-ample heating chamber and basically you a have a vaporizing party in your pocket.

    Other Portable Vaporizers, like the Puffit-X offer much more than simplly large heating chambers, but they alos add wonderfully ingenoius technology such as forced air that actually uses a small fan to blow the vapor while being inhaled.

    Portable vaporizers that do well to combine the power of a desktop vaporizer with (close to) the discretion of a pen are truly in class by themsleves. The leader in this elite category of portable vaporizers is the DaVinci Ascent. With the ability to vaporizer waxes, oils, and dry herbs coupled with it's powerfully accurate and fast digital temperature control, not to mention it's deceptively small size - make it our favorite.

    Then there are other, older-style portable vaporizers like the Arizer Solo, that while not able to be stored in a pocket, the level of vaporizing power that is packed into it's slim frame can still satisfy several over sever hours without needing to be recharged. Other comparable Portable Vaporizers are the DaVinci 2.0, the Sonic Vaporizer and the Iolite WISPR 2.0

    Find out more about our Portable Vaporizers here: Portable Vaporizers.

  • Desktop Vaporizers

    Desktop Vaporizer are where vaporizing started. These small machines come in deffeent styles as well, and all work with dry herb exclusively. They are more expensive than any other type of vaporizer and can produce enough pure vapor to fill a ballon style bag that can last for hours and they can also deliver the vapor in a whip-tube to one or more people simultaneously.

    While the desktop vaporizr gold standard used to be the Volcano, we have since found that other more recently produced vaporizers like the Zephyr Ion and The Arizer Extreme Q actually outperform the Volcano, at a price tag that is literally hundreds less, with the same high level of quality build that the Volcano used to be exlcusively known for.

    Of course, while the vaporizer pen explosion and the ever constant increase in portable vaporizer sales chip away at the perception of the word "vaporizer", the original incarnation - the desktop vaporizer still offers an experience that only a desktop vaporizer can provide. For a party or simple for a understatedly mind blowing vaporizer experience, nothing can deliver liek a desktop vaporizer.

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  • Why BlazeDepot?

    We're vaporizer enthusiasts, just like you. We love our customers and strive to have a level of customer service that you can't find with bigger companies. The owners and employees of Blazedepot know they names of our customers, and answer the phone and respond to every email.

    Our icon-spokeswoman, Mary J. Blaze represents our company, and she represents the height of modern sophistication. She has a caring touch with just the right amount of devilish playfulness. We strive to bring you the best vaporizing buying experince avaliable anywhere, at a price that is always lower than our competition while ONLY selling high-quality, genuine factory-direct vaporizers. Meanwhile we try to establish ourselves as the premier source for all things vaporizer, and that means that every customer must be served at the highest possible level of service and friendliness.

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